Where can I find multiconductor color code charts?

Oftentimes you may be searching for the color code of a multiconductor. We have a few charts for that.

LAPP Color Code Charts

You can find the LAPP Multiconductor Color Code Chart here: https://www.lapptannehill.com/pub/media/wysiwyg/pdf/catalogs/LAPP_color_code_charts.pdf

While many LAPP data sheets include specific color code information, some note that in order to find the data, you must reference a color code chart. For these products, follow the steps below:

1. Use www.lapptannehill.com to find the data sheet you require by using the search function or navigating through the menu

2. From the product page, click "Download Spec Sheet" to access the product data sheet

3. After opening the PDF, find "Conductor Stranding" information in the "Technical Data" section


4. In this example, the data sheet notes that that Color Code to reference is "VDE 0293-308: chart 6." With this information, we navigate to the LAPP Color Code Chart to find chart 6. From here, we can find the color code for the size we are looking for. 

Other Multiconductor Color Code Charts

We also have an AlphaWire color code chart for multiconductor cables found here: https://www.lapptannehill.com/pub/media/wysiwyg/pdf/catalogs/Alpha/Alpha-Essentials-Color-Code-Chart.pdf

If you do not see the color code chart that you are looking for, reach out to us at info@lapptannehill.com and we can help you find what you're looking for!