Having Problems Placing an Order on the e-Shop

If you're having trouble placing an order on our e-shop, here are a few reasons why your order may not be processing:

Why can't I submit my e-Shop order?

Credit Card Information

Did you enter the credit card information correctly? Please review your credit card and re-submit.

Different Billing and Shipping Addresses

Are your billing and shipping addresses the same or different? Sometimes the billing/shipping SAME BOX is clicked and should not be.

Updated Billing Address

If you've updated/changed your billing address, you need to click save in that section before continuing. After saving, you are allowed to continue reviewing your order.

Minimum Order

Is your order less than $50.00? Our system will not process an order for less than $50.00.  Please adjust your order accordingly.

Maximum Order

Is your order more than $5,000.00? If so, the order will state PO# needed, our sales team will reach out to you for additional information, and will need you to fill out a credit card form.

Orders Shipping Outside of the U.S.

Are you located outside of the U.S.? Our system will only allow orders from the U.S. - but this does not mean we don't do business outside of the U.S. - please contact sales@lapptannehill.com to place your order.

Terms & Conditions

Did you accept and check the terms and conditions box? Please check your order and verify that you clicked accept in the box.

Why does my order show tax when I am tax exempt?

Did you log into your account before placing an order?  You need to be logged in before placing an order on the site, otherwise the system will not recognize your name/account to apply the non-tax status. 

Why am I being contacted for credit card information when I placed my order over a month ago?

When you place an order with us online, our system does a pre-authorization, and after 30 days the information is gone.  If your order is over 30 days old, our sales team will be reaching out to you to obtain credit card information when the order is ready to ship. 

If you do not see the answer to your question here and you're still having issues with your online order, please reach out to us via phone (800-633-6339) or email us at sales@lapptannehill.com.