How do I know if a product is RoHS/REACH compliant? Where do I find Approvals?

It's common in the wire and cable industry to need product Approvals such as testing, certification, and standards for electrical applications. Here's where to find them on our site.

Approvals Agencies and Standards

If you're not sure where to start and you need a brief overview of the kinds of approvals agencies and standards in the wire and cable industry including UL and CSA, then learn more on Approvals Agencies and Standards.

RoHS/REACH Compliances

If you need to understand more about RoHS and REACH compliances, learn more here:

RoHS/REACH For LAPP Products

REACH and RoHS compliance information for LAPP products can be found here:

LAPP Reach and RoHS

Where can I find the Approvals on a product?

When on a product page, click on the 'Download Spec Sheet' button, found after the 'Add to Cart' and 'Add to Quote' buttons in the 'Specifications' section.

Let's use the example of the following product page for '4180414 - LAPP ÖLFLEX® Multi-Standard <HAR> Hook-Up Wire H05V-K - 22 AWG - Dark Blue':


Screenshot shows where you can find the 'Download Spec Sheet' button on the product page.

When you click on the 'Download Spec Sheet' button, a pdf will be downloaded from your browser. View the pdf to see the following data sheet specifications on that specific product.


Screenshot shows where you can find the Approvals of a product on a downloadable PDF.

If the product page does not show a 'Download Spec Sheet' button or if the spec sheet does not include Approvals, please reach out to us for more information via chat support on our website, fill out a form on our contact page and we'll get back to you, or call us directly at 800-633-6339.