Why did I get more/less of the quantity I ordered?

A: There is an industry standard in the wire and cable industry that allows manufacturers and distributors to ship a +/-10% tolerance of the quantity of wire or cable that the customer orders. You are charged per the actual quantity shipped.

There are many reasons that manufacturers and distributors ship within this tolerance. Each situation and vendor will be different, but here are a few common reasons why this may happen:

  • If a manufacturer is close to the end of a product run and one component runs out (wire, jacket, etc.), the manufacturer may choose to end the run rather than to splice the product, especially in complex cables.
  • The manufacturer or distributor may simply have a shorter or longer length available. If a 100ft length is ordered and the vendor has a 90ft or 110ft reel on the shelf, it is appropriate to ship the customer either reel per the +/- 10% tolerance standard.
  • If the cable is extruded, the extrusion process can also lengthen or shorten the cable run.

You can usually find this tolerance described in the manufacturer and distributor terms and conditions and/or shipping policy.