How do I view my Open Orders?

If you are an existing Lapp Tannehill customer and you have a login to our customer portal, then you can view your current open order details and shipping info.

First, log in to our customer portal to access your account:

If you do not have an account, click on the same link above to fill out the form. Filling out the form requests us to create an account for you.

View Open Orders

Once you're signed in, if you click on ‘Orders’  under 'Inquiries' on the menu on the left-hand panel, you can see all of your open orders in ‘Open Order Summary’.


Screenshot shows your view of the 'Open Order Summary' when you click on 'Orders'.

All 'Open Orders' listed in this view are orders that have not yet been shipped.

View Shipping Info + More


Screenshot shows your view of the 'Open Order Detail' when you click on an order in 'Open Order Summary'.

If you click on an order under the ‘Order Number’ column, you can see further details of the order in ‘Open Order Detail’ including Product Info, Product Description, Quantity, Price, and the Date you're requesting to order to be shipped by.

View Order Acknowledgement


Screenshot shows a view of where to find your Order 'Acknowledgement'.

If you click on the orange ‘View’ button, the portal will show you pop-up window of the ‘Acknowledgement’ of the order where you can either print or email the document. An 'Acknowledgement' is a copy of your order.

Check out this blog on our 'Customer Portal Series: View Open Orders, Make Changes to Existing Orders, Add to Favorites'. It includes a how-to video! 

If you cannot find what you're looking for,  please reach out to us for more information via chat support on our website, fill out a form on our contact page and we'll get back to you, or call us directly at 800-633-6339.